Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stars fall and you are there with me
To the end of time
Watching over me in the darkness
The Sun rises and you are gone
For just a moment
To dance in the first glorious rays of the morning

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I am Free

I am Free (02 DEC 1996)

I am free to think that I am right and you are wrong.
Free to believe that you love me, though you say different.
I am free to hate this world in which we live, in which we die.
In sin. In vain.
I am free to feel that you have wronged me after I have righted you.
I am free to feel worthless, important, listless, mindless and intellectual.
I am free to love the human race and destroy them all.
I am free to hurt you for no good reason.
Free to say ‘I’m sorry’ afterwards.
I am free to lie, to tell the truth.
Free to avoid confrontation after I have caught your attention.
I am free to think and feel, to love and hate.
I am free to save you, damn myself.
Play mortal. Play God.
Free to leave you, say I hate you, free to kill you.
Free to live, free to die.
I am free.

Natures Secrets

Natures Secrets (29 JUL 1994)

Sitting here alone
A breeze washes over me
Sending shivers down my spine

The night speaks
It talks to me in whispers
And tells me stories of days long past

The trees sway
To the soft music of the moon
As it gives off a pale foggy light

The water rushes
Longing to tell the secrets
That are hidden beneath the waves

A world unexplored
Places long forgotten
Music never heard
Feelings never felt

Sitting here alone
A breeze washes over me
Sending shivers down my spine

Monday, October 03, 2005


I speak but no one hears
I write but no one reads
My eyes well up with tears
I cry but no one sees

Monday, September 12, 2005


Trinity is very very excited about tomorrow as tomorrow is the day we go to sign her up for Sparks (the first level of Girl Guides). I'm kinda of excited too. It'll be fun to see her in that cute little pink shirt. I'll have to take lots of pictures. So tomorrow I take her to enroll and then on Wednesday I'll take her to buy the uniform.

Also on Wednesday I'll be going to do the mandatory testing so I can apply for a glamorous job at the Uhaul moving and storage on Vine St. That should be fun.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend though because Caleb and I are going out for bowling on Saturday. That should be pretty fun.

that's about it for now.... so much for the Poetry & Rants theme eh!?!?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nothing....just typing

So I’m sitting here thinking that I should publish something to my blog. I should write something insightful about current events. Something about how Bush is a moron; how the privatization of the hospitals in my city is going to kill us… or save us…. I really don’t know. I should write something inspiring; something to give hope to those who suffer. Something …. Anything that has any meaning what-so-ever; but I can’t. Why?? Writers block…. Laziness…. Selfishness…. Nope…. It’s ignorance! When it comes right down to it I know shit about what’s going on in this world. I try to understand what’s going on… I try to watch the news but then what do I know… only what they tell me to know. So the question is do I really know anything?  Crap. I’m giving myself a freakin' headache. I should leave philosophy and insight to the professionals.

Todays World

Todays World (09 FEB 1996)

Lost hopes
Fake feelings
Empty love
Broken promises
Dead faith
Shattered minds

** I felt really happy that day. Really, REALLY happy. You can’t tell!?!**

Staring Alone at the Moon

Staring Alone at the Moon (06 FEB 1995)

In his eyes there is no sadness
In his eyes there is no joy
In his eyes there are only shadows
As they lower her into the soil

She was the one that he lived for
She was the one that he loved
She was the one he would marry
She was as pure as a dove

Together they’d raise a small family
Together they’d make all their plans
Together they’d laugh and they’d smile
As they walked through the park hand in hand

But time ran by them too quickly
Forever ended too soon
For she sleeps alone in the earth now
And he stares alone at the moon

** This was one of my first poems and probably remains one of my better ones. My mother loved this poem; though I’m not sure why. She had hopes of me becoming a famous writer. I could never make it as a writer. I give into writers block too easily.**

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Alone in my Solitude

Alone in my solitude
The screams of the night dwellers fade
Until they are merely whispers of the past
Drowned out by the cries of the morning
Alone in my solitude
I listen as the trees tell my fortune
Which the stars failed to predict
Alone in my solitude
I am at peace with all living things
Alone in my solitude
I am free

(Copyright Sandra Booker 1997 )